What I Wore: The Texas Tuxedo

First I just want to say how much I hate denim on denim. I hate dark blue on blue. Like seriously I can’t even handle how much I hate those two things. They remind me of my dad and farms, old men and other things that kind of have fashion all wrong. So when I opened up the August issue of Glamour I was so confused. MILA KUNIS HAD DENIM ON DENIM. Literally I was confused, how was this a legit style? I swore I would never try this style but then I remembered how if I am blogging I need to try new things, blah, blah, blah. So I did it. 

The verdict? I seriously hate it. I had a hard time even wanting to do photos of this because I hated it so much. How is this supposed to look good? Should I have worn a different belt? It’s like old man meets awkward hipster style meets grandpa. (which apparently is different than old man in my mind) OK, so you get it, I hate it and will never wear it again. Just wanted to make sure you know how I feel. The bottom line is that Mila Kunis could wear a sack and make it look good, I need to accepted that I am Alissa Futhey, not Mila Kunis.
(I put this in here just so you know that not all my photos turn out great. Also I crack myself up)
And just so you can see how I have been rocking the hand on the hip pose all my life….literally this what I do all day, every single day.