What I Wore: These are my confessions

These are my confessions (sung of course to the tune of Usher’s Confessions) (You’re welcome, you will never be able to get this out of your head) 1) I really love this top. It had cute shoulders and is polka dotted, end of story. 2) I wore heels in these photos just to feel sexy because I was NOT feeling it. 

Jeans: MAKER/Shoes:BCBG/Top: Plato’s Closet/Jewerly: J Crew Factory

* You know the phrase “study your ass off” that is often said? HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF YOU COULD STUDY YOUR ASS OFF?!?! If this was possible I would have the most skinny booty ever.*
*I realize that freshman have always been annoying but seriously I swear they just get more dumb and annoying every single semester. OMG, I sound like such an old grouchy woman.*
*I want to know how people get time to be drunk. I’m exhausted just working and going to school, much less getting drunk and then having to recover.*
*My parents still haven’t figured out that Taco Bell’s 4th meal is for stoners and drunks. They seriously cannot figure it out. They are so cute and innocent.*
*I’m seriously afraid that if I ever get drunk I will be that person who wakes up with a misspelled tattoo. Because that is my life.*
*I don’t understand teachers who give a disclaimer that something is confusing, end up confusing themselves and then look at us and ask if it is clear. NO IT ISN’T!*
 I am thoroughly exhausted and I swear even just one more confession will make my head spin. Also I am so tired that I am actually envisioning my head spinning.