What I Wore: Things on my mind

Pants: MAKER/Vest: American Apparel/Top:TJ Maxx/Shoes:Goodwill/Belt:Urban Outfitters

Apparently yesterday it was “flatter Alissa day” beccause three people told me I looked like I lost weight. Clearly I haven’t but I’ll take it. 

It felt like fall yesterday. HALLELUJAH! Also it rained which is pretty much my perfect day. 

I really need to stop saying HOLLAAA because I’m not black, Jewish or from New York so there is no good reason for me to be saying it. The issue is that really I need to stop watching RHONY. But that isn’t going to happen, ever. I live in Kansas and gosh darn it, I may be the only one saying it but I will continue to. 

I say clearly a lot. Clearly. OK, now I’m just being obnoxious. 

Teachers that say, “OH! Just one more thing and then we will get out early…”  and then they run over time…well I mentally am punching them in the face.

Am I the only one who finds that when they are bored sometimes, just sometimes they find themselves shopping? Even if you aren’t buying anything, you just wind up at a store? I found myself doing that the other day and it completely scared me. I have GOT to stop just recreational shopping!! Anyone else find it disturbing when this happens? This month I am REALLY going to cut down on this!