What I wore: Today

I want to point out that asking someone in the KU union to take a photo of your outfit is one of the most embarrassing things that will ever happen to you. Normally I would take it over and over again until it was perfect (my photographer side coming out) but I just wanted to get it over with. NOTICE THE RED FACE FROM BEING SO EMBARRASSED! 

Today’s outfit was actually incredibly cheap. The top was from Athropologie for $10 (yes, I said 10!) and the shirt was from Target (with a coupon) for only $13! The shoes were from Dillard’s and were a gift from Andrew so that made them free! 

Can we just talk about this skirt for a moment though? Seriously, the knit maxi skirt trend I initially wasn’t really that big of a fan of it. Now that it is getting hot and I am currently sick that shirt is like pajama pants! 

Grand total (including earrings) $23! 

P.s. Please don’t think I always take crappy photos, I promise you I actually do know what I am doing when I say I am a photographer.