What I Wore: An Unexpected Combination

Guys, this happens to me every day, that ONE freaking curl that falls in the middle of photos and completely ruins it! Sigh. 
After I returned to Lawrence to get settled in before the semester starts, I unpacked, did laundry and began to think about anything but actual school. I did force myself to order my books so I should get points for that, I know so many people who order them during the first week of school, the three bookstores on campus that we have are complete chaos! This weekend I am going to get all of the notebooks and other things I know I will need but let’s not think about that. 

Anyway, as I was putting things away I noticed that I hadn’t wore these cargo, green pants and wanted to channel my inner Atlantic Pacific and really pull out something bright and cheery for some stark contrast. After a quick check on Twitter to get the general consensus (thanks Lydia and Libby!) was to combine pink with it. 

I’m not going it lie, I kind of freaking love how it turned out. I feel like it injected my whole week with a shot of color and for this dreary Kansas week I need all the color injections I can get.