What I Wore: What I Wear When Traveling

So I’m blogging my travel outfit before I actually wear it because I know that my first day in New York is going to be overwhelming and I will forget to photograph it (I will post the actual outfit later. I’m going to give you a breakdown of what and why I am wearing each piece. (I’d just like to say that in NO way am I an expert, i just really, really try to stay comfortable and thought I would share how I do when traveling)

What to Wear When Traveling
What I DO wear:
Sheer top+Statement Sweater: Why? Both of these pieces are lighter than a sweater and comfortable. I never know what to expect the airplane temperature to be, especially in the winter, so I love wearing two light layers+a coat so I am prepared to for all weather. Plus I have an extra shirt for layering that I didn’t have to pack on the way to my destination! 
What to Wear When Traveling

Boyfriend Jeans Rolled up: Why? These are my most comfortable jeans of all time. They work extremely well with boots and are durable and thicker than leggings or thin pants. I am obsessed with being comfortable when traveling. I have traveled in leggings but since the sweater doesn’t cover my booty, see this post, I wore jeans)

Knee High Boots: Why these? Boots take up a lot of space in a bag, these are easy to zip on and off through security, plus I don’t have to worry about them getting scratched up in my bag somehow, it’s happened before. I really prefer to wear the largest pair of shoes, if possible, that I am going to bring on the whole trip. Sure, flats also work but they barely take any room in my bag. 

Accessories: I wear a watch and my special ring, nothing else. If one of these is missing I will know instantly, if I have an arm party going on I am probably not going notice it as soon. (If I wore studs I would probably wear earrings, however I do not have any)

What I do NOT wear:
Belts: I realize this is super simple and common sense but I somehow ALWAYS forget something like this. Remember, NO BELTS! Repeat after me! NO BELTS! (I know some people don’t mind having to take that stuff off but I do; I want to remove all possible things that can slow the security screening process down.)

Jewelry: No earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nothing. I do not like taking a chance that I will set off security alarms. I know I will be that one that if I do wear a simple bracelet, SOMEHOW I will be the one to set it off. In fact, if you told me the security area wouldn’t even be able to detect my small necklace, SOMEHOW, because it’s me, it will detect me. Read this for further information.

Heels or Uggs: Why no Uggs? I traveled in them once. Unless you are going to Antarctica in a plane that doesn’t have heat, you will probably sweat to death. I love my Uggs for their warmth but sometimes it’s just too much for me. Heels, well if you need to know, well…..If you can rock some heels when traveling you are awesome and I bow down to you. I love me some heels but I cannot do it when traveling. 

Again I just want to say that I am NOT an expert, but figuring out what to wear on an airplane has always been hard for me. I’m positive that many of you are well seasoned travelers and this is old news but for those, like me who aren’t, I wanted to share. Thanks for reading so much!