What I Wore: What to Wear to a Winter Basketball Game

What to Wear to a Basketball Game

What to Wear to a Basketball Game

Yes, I know it’s cold out. It was SUPER nice when we went to this game plus I jump up and down at games so long sleeved shirts/sweaters make me sweat too much. 

Here’s the great thing about basketball: KU is great at it and the games are amazing, filled with energy and sound barriers are broken. 

Here’s the horrible thing about basketball: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT EXCEPT WHEN TO YELL. I talked about this earlier in the season but once again I just want to point out that all I know is when to yell. However, I am not convincing enough to Andrew that I know what I am talking about when I discuss basketball, I am somewhat convinced that chicks think I know enough to get by.  

Due to this fact, I kind of want to write a book for women on how to BS and wing it through sporting events when you have absolutely no idea what is happening. I feel like it could be a national best seller. The New York Times will revel in its profound nature. 

Or I could just go and watch The Office and eat cookies. 

These cookies are good.