What I Wore: When a blogging friend send you gifts..

Blue Blazer with patterned scarf Blue Blazer with patterned scarf
You know they are going to be good. Case in point, when Melissa at Design Eat Repeat sent me a care package the other day. There were incredibly gorgeous and tasty cookies (I am a cookie snob, trust me, I know my cookies and these were amazing) some Jolly Ranchers and a gorgeous scarf from Italy with a bracelet. (Melissa got to live in Italy and didn’t speak a word of Italian, I am taking Italian for 2 years and haven’t even gotten to visit, totally fair) 
Blue Blazer with Boots and a scarf

The scarf was perfect timing too! It was right as we were getting the snow storm and it kept me so warm on my way to school! Melissa is a super awesome blog friend, her emails always make me laugh and I always feel like I can just vent and say whatever is on my mind, no matter what it is. 

Thanks Melissa! (Side note: I feel like I always make a random Melissa friend and it always drives people insane trying to keep MELISSA and ALISSA right.)