What I Wore: When is it basketball season?

At this point you know how I feel about KU football. I never expect to win and am never disappointed. However I keep going because they are semi-fun, I get to spend time with the boyfriend, I get to yell and scream and eat a delicious hot dog. Not the worst way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially holding and walking with my boyfriend back home. He’s the greatest thing ever. But seriously, when is basketball season? I need to start feeling victory!
Shirt: PINK/Dress (worn as skirt): TJ Maxx/Shoes: TJ Maxx

I was SOOOO tired of wearing a KU shirt and then shorts so I went into my closet and wanted a skirt. Well I found a dress. A dress that I have actually never worn as a dress because it fits my top wrong but it works with KU colors so well. I know a lot of ladies struggle with a cute and easy gameday look so try it!