What I Wore: When Life Flies By

Dress:Old Navy (via Goodwill)/Tights: Nordstrom/Boots: Franco Sarto/Belt: Forever 21
I realize that you all probably tire of hearing me talk about school but I feel like this is a safe place and so we need to discuss some things. 
1) Every, single one of my teachers told me this week that their class “needs to take priority over every over class the rest of the semester.” Oh hey, yeah that’ll be no problem, I’ll somehow do that for all 5 classes. Weren’t teachers at one point where I am? Listening to them and thinking how impossible they are!?
2) I have been super stressed this week (see #1) so I have barely watched any TV but on Thursdays I just kind of collapse into bed after school and work and watch TV. I discovered Bridezillas. I know, it’s so bad. So, so bad. So bad it is amazing and I can’t help it. It’s the greatest stress relieve ever. 
3)I have a final next Wednesday and then the next week I have another 3. How is it possible? It’s just now gotten cold and seemed like fall and the semester is basically over. I get really melancholy and sentimental about the end of the semester for some reason (maybe to remember simpler times when I was less stressed?)
4) I go to New York in less than 24 days and I AM SO EXCITED! I already have my outfits planned and have a growing list of things I want to do. One of which is skate on Rockefeller center on Christmas Day.