What I Wore: A whole lot of random things

J Crew Sequin Tank with Cobalt  Top
J Crew Sequin Tank with Cobalt  Top
I lost my balance just standing still taking photos. Yep.
I lost my balance. I have no words.
J Crew Sequin Tank with Cobalt  Top
Sheer Top: H&M/ Tank: J. Crew Factory/Pants: J. Crew Factory

School started on the 22nd. My new job just so happened to start on the 22nd. Oh and my gift from mother nature was all during this. I think I single handedly kept 3 ice cream stores in business due to the extreme emotions I was experiencing. 

The new job is amazing, I am so freaking happy I decided to take a chance and take it. The people I work with are incredible and I love learning about what it’s like to work at an agency. 

Every Monday night I watch the worst show on earth, Teen Mom 2. I just can’t turn down watching 5 different people’s train wreck of a life they are living. I walk away feeling so much better about myself. Plus it’s cheaper than therapy. Can we discuss how ridiculous these girls are?

Also, does anyone watch Catfish? It’s my new guilty pleasure. (I have a lot of them)

I am not 21 anymore. I have to start caring about moisturizing my skin and taking biotin and calcium. Woe is me.  I need advice about what to start putting on my skin.

Whenever someone says to me “Oh I miss college so much!” I want to say, “Really? You miss paying $350 for a book you used twice? You miss sobbing over papers and dying to please your teacher who is bipolar and basically lied to you about what he wanted from the paper?” 

Seriously I am so freaking busy that sometimes I just want to sit down and cry but I realize that I don’t have time to cry so therefore I have to keep going. I have at least 1-2 tests/quizzes every single week and it’s killing me. 

I love you all. Seriously, you all are the reason I smile sometimes. I feel like every  one has give me a hug through all of my  ups and downs and for that I don’t say thank you enough.