What I Wore: Why I will now pack differently

Both tops: Target/Jeans: Gap/Boots: Franco Sarto/Bag: Michael Kors
I feel like for this being the 3rd day that I am wearing this outfit I am kind of rocking it. Then again, I don’t have that much experience with bags being lost for 3 days and having to wear the same outfit over and over again.  

You guys know this brilliant post I wrote about my reasoning for what I pack into a carry-on bag. I forgot about one essential thing, what if your bag gets lost and you don’t have it for two days? GUESS WHAT??? I figured that out really fast. When we flew to our connection Chicago was getting snow and our flight got redirected to Dallas. Our original flight was delayed which cut it super close to the departing time of our connection. Guess what? Somehow, the connection had a delay (HALLELUJAH!) and as we just arrived into the airport, guess what! 

 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY A DELAY GOT CANCELED.  AGAIN, A DELAY GOT CANCELED. How does that even happen? We all ran there and made it as they were closing the door. Our baggage was not so lucky. It got lost. Majorly lost. I got majorly mad. Majorly mad. Can I stress how much that made me mad? It was about midnight, I hadn’t eaten and I WANTED MY DANG CLOTHES!  You would think that this is a great thing, I can just shop my way through NYC. My ultra wonderful boyfriend had a jam packed schedule, every moment from 6am to midnight the entire week was packed. 

Long story short, we got our bags, I did a teeny bit of shopping and we were bam, bam, bam moving. So you will see the outfits that I wore…just sadly without the NYC background. I am sure that I will share more details with you but right now I am still drained. 

Anyway, from now on, I am throwing a pair of undies into my carry-on, mascara and a disposable toothbrush. Thank you H&M for $1.99 undies. I just realized that I bought a pair of super normal underwear from H&M for $7.99, which isn’t the end of the world but I swear to God they were under the $1.99 rack. Grrr.

Thank you.  So that was the trip TO NYC. 

Guess what?

The airline managed to not make our actual plane reservations which resulted in the boyfriend and I having to spend the night in Denver, AGAIN NO CLOTHING BECAUSE THEY SWORE EVERYTHING WAS JUST GREAT, and then the next day fly home. You know what the kicker was? 
Thank you United, I cannot, and I do mean cannot, wait to call you about this.