What I Wore: Work with what you got

Skirt: Zara/Shoes:Foxtrot/Belt:Forever 21/Shirt: TJ Maxx

I was going through my pins the other day (who knew you could actually go back and actually look at what you pin!) (Just kidding, I was being sarcastic) and was determined that for these nasty end of summer days were have going on I would find a inspiration outfit. I have issues with wearing white tops for 1 reason manly. THERE HAS YET TO BE A WHITE SHIRT THAT DOESN’T REQUIRE A TANK UNDERNEATH TO COVER YOUR BRA! As you can tell this is a serious issue for me. It drives me insane when I find a perfectly comfortable and flattering white top but I have to layer them with a cami underneath! Is there anyone out there that knows of a top that doesn’t require a cami underneath? 

Anyway, I felt kind of “meh” about this but it got me through another 95 degree day at school and I can’t complain about that. Except that I swear the only reason I got interviews for my story in my journalism class is because my skirt is short.That probably explains why I got mostly guys for my story. By the way, to my boyfriend reading this, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! I didn’t talk to any of the guys more than I had to. The end.