What I Wore:Sometimes you need a big hat

Shirt:Fortuity/Pants:Maker/Hat: Forever21 /Necklace:IN PINK/Shoes:BCBG

As you might have seen earlier, the day that I wore this outfit the weather said “slight wind” which apparently is code for KNOCK YOU DOWN WHEN YOU TURN THE CORNER! Ahem. So yeah…I wore this so that I wouldn’t to do my hair…it ended up that I had to put it up into a ponytail and then just holding the hat.  It was soooo effective for hiding my hair. 

I just want to warn you that I love hats a lot and in the winter I wear them a lot. Like a lot, a lot. So be prepared for that. 

In other news I have had a horrible time getting rid of an infection that has been highly interruptive in my day, probably because I haven’t managed to take all of my medication as often as I should so it has been my fault. But that’s not relevant as I would say to Andrew when I know I am losing an argument. So anyway, I’m sorry I have not been as on top of things and will get back to you all!