What I Would Wear if I Could Stay in Nature for 5 Minutes

I hate camping. I hate being outside for longer than 30 minutes. The last time I spent more than 30 minutes outside a BIRD POOPED ON ME. (See this post) This is mostly because I get sunburned within like 10 minutes so it’s just a miserable experience. I hate being without air conditioning and as many electrical outlets as I could want. If that makes me a diva, I proudly own that. If I DID go camping though, meaning, if I was forced within an inch of my life to do this, I would wear this outfit. It’s comfortable, easy and did I mention comfortable? 

Top: J. Crew/ Shorts: Gap Outlet/ Belt: Anthropologie/ Shoes: Target/ Watch: Fossil/ Bracelets: Thrifted, Gift, American Eagle

Glitter sandals and 10 bracelets would of course have to accompany this outfit on my said forced camping trip. I shudder thinking about camping. *shudder* Even “glamping” I can’t do. Thankfully the boyfriend feels the same way. OK I’M DONE TALKING ABOUT CAMPING.