What it’s like to have curly hair

Every time I see a commercial for “curly hair” I sit back and wonder what idiots seriously think this is what naturally curly hair is like. I want to hurl something at the screen when I see this.

The Woes Of Having Curly Hair
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These are my greatest fears, no lie. I have a stockpile of product for the next 3 months just in case there is a terrorist attack and I can’t get to a store. 

What it's like to have curly hair
Via Buzzfeed
Everyone says to brush your hair; hair brushes are the freaking enemy and will never be used on my hair unless getting it cut. I do NOT own a brush. Nope, I don’t own a single brush or comb. I haven’t since I was about 14 and figured out how to take care of my hair. 
Hair brushes are the enemy.
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And the biggest issue of aaaaaalll…………….
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP FREAKING TOUCHING MY HAIR! I am not a dog, I will not smile when you do this. STOP PETTING AND TOUCHING MY HAIR. Curly hair frizzes as soon as you touch it so for the love of everything stop petting/touching my hair! 

*phew* I feel better now.