What Makes You The Worst Person

I’m a little stressed right now. Like….a lot stressed right now. So in an effort to relieve some of this, I’ve decided to write out some of the reasons you might be the worst person. I also need your ideas for why someone might be the worst. Because we are in this together and together we can get rid of the worst people. 

You are the worst person if:
You tell me that polka dots are for children. You are out of my life. 
You are in an empty coffee shop and you chose to sit and the table that is 10 inches away from me and just watch me work. 
You go to the express lane with 20 produce items. You are the worst. 
You don’t pull forward at the pump so I have to then backup and turn my car around to pump gas. 
You comment on how much better I look today than I did yesterday.
You inform me I look tired when I talk about how rested I feel.  

Top: Joe Fresh (similar)
Shorts: Gap (exact for $25 )
Belt: Target (exact)
Purse: Forever XXI (similar)
Bracelet: Gift (similar
Shoes: Gap (exact)

You act like the Chipotle menu is brand new every time you walk in.  Get your ridiculous burrito and go. Stop acting like you don’t know it’s extra for guacamole. 
You don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re.  
You are the worst if you tell me I shouldn’t eat out so much as we are eating lunch at Chipotle. 
You do not support a child’s neck while holding it. 
You comment and tell me that froyo is not healthy. NO KIDDING I’M AWARE OF THAT BUT I  WANT MY SUGARY CARBS! Eat  your lettuce and be sad. 
You have an entire conversation on Pinterest. I will NEVER figure that one out. 
You comment on other people’s pins about the morality of a top. No. You can go away.

What is on your list of what makes you the worst person? Because I need to know so I can make this thing comprehensive and avoid all of these things!