What to Wear for Valentine’s Day: Date Night

What to wear for Valentine's Day

What to wear for Valentine's Day
Top: Forever 21 (old)/Skirt: Target/Tights: Nordstrom/Shoes: BCBG

What to wear for Valentine's Day

I can think of fewer polarizing holidays than Valentine’s Day. There are distinct groups of people in my opinion:

Single people who angry and stare at you if you discuss any romantic plans you have. They wish you were dead at the moment.

Married or dating people who are obsessed with it because they want to outdo their friends significant others/mates and are competing. 

Those that say the day is a scam and it doesn’t mean a dang thing.

The tired of being single and alone and want the day over with. 

Those who say that the day is a scam/stupid but sure as heck their date had better wine and dine them. 

I fall into the latter category. The boyfriend is super great with spoiling me all year round so I very much do not care about getting anything but it’s the thought I care about. That and I care about flowers. I am not ashamed to admit that I am shallow and just like flowers and pink stuff. I mean, hello? Who doesn’t like flowers and pink stuff?