What to Wear for Valentine’s Day: My Favorite Part of Valentine’s Day

Dear Daddy,

     Ever since I was a little girl I woke up to find a bright and sparkly Valentine’s Day card from you on either my desk or on the kitchen table with Mom and my brothers. You always wrote one simple thing on the inside of your card, “I love you.” I wondered why you only wrote that and then you told me, “Well, I’m not good at writing in cards so I always look for cards that say what I want to say and then sign it.” 
What to wear for Valentine's Day
Last year was the first year that I didn’t get a Valentine’s Day card as I had moved away from home. The boyfriend has done a brilliant job of stepping up to the plate with meaningful cards and flowers. It makes me a little sad to realize I won’t be home again to receive a card from my Dad, but I know it’s a natural part of growing up. I’m not that little girl anymore. 

What to wear for Valentine's Day
Skirt: Target: Top: J. Crew/Shoes: BCBG/Belt: J. Crew Factory

These BCBG shoes are seriously the best nude shoe ever. I cannot recommend them enough. 
So Daddy, I know I didn’t always thank you for always having a card or sometimes a box of chocolates for me; please know that I appreciated it more than you realize. It’s one of my fondest memories and traditions. I know it’s hard for you to see your baby girl go off to college and be in a serious relationship, but you have been there for me every step of the way. I love you. 

I wore this whole outfit because the sparkly belt reminded me of all the wonderful cards you gave me and how you always encouraged me to be myself, and pink is as me as you get!

Your forever little girl. 

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