Wichita Gift Guide

Your Wichita Gift Guide: For the Wichitan in your life!


Like I’ve mentioned before (see here), one of the the best things about Wichita is the incredibly kind community that is here. One of my favorite things about this resurgence of creative Wichita peeps is that so many of them are women and they are supporting each other! You want to know what gets me excited in the morning? Lady bosses supporting other lady bosses! Gals supporting gals! So it’s with this in mind that I put together my Wichita gift guide for the first time! Each and every one of these Wichita stores and makers I have met, used their products and I can tell you that your money could not be going to sweeter people.

For the scent + pampering obsessed

Wichita Gift Guide - The Nectar Collective


I now include myself in the scent obsessed category. I don’t know what it is about fall and winter that make me want to buy.all.of.the.candles.possible. but I do! Right now I am in a very woodsy/almost masculine phase of my candle love so Nectar Republic‘s Rustic Woods is my favorite right now! They recently just opened up a store in Clifton Square here in Wichita and it is SO darling! I can’t get enough of it. I went to it two days in a row, no lie. Plus they have so many all-natural soaps, the most DIVINE candles bath bombs that are to die for and soooo much more! I also bought the prettiest white pitcher that is currently sitting on my kitchen cabinet. Being so close to this place is going to be bad for my bank account. Everyone is going to start getting candles from me. wichita-gift-guide

For the witty millenial in your life

Giving them a gift card because you can’t figure out what your 25 year old neice wants? (Hello to all my aunts!) Give them a gift card and one of these sassy, but oh-so-accurate cards that are handmade! I fell in love with these sassy cards and have pretty much bought them for every card-giving opportunity I have had. Lindeman Carte is what you want to get, plus you can order online!

Wichita Gift Guide

For the Wichita man in your life

These socks have been a hot seller at Love of Character! I love them because a) who doesn’t love fun socks? b) they are warm!


I love these fun beer glasses! For the beer drinker in my life, he’s not about having a lot of girly items in his life. I was slightly nervous when I bought this stout glass that says, “Beer Nerd” that he wouldn’t like it but he LOVED it. The typography on these glasses are fun and funky but still masculine for that snobby beer drinker you have in your life! My favorites are “Beer Nerd” and “Beer Me” but I’m slighty biased since I have those.


For the decor afficianado in your life

Wichita Gift Guide - Sarah Zepick Pottery!

Sarah Zepick is a gal that I met at an artisan fair, told her she was doing great but to do this, this, this, etc. and somehow after all of that, we became friends! She makes the most gorgeous hand-crafted pottery and her new Christmas line of candles is the best of both worlds! I love that these candles when melted down will make excellent vases for flowers or other decor in my house. I also have some of her other pottery and it always gets so many compliments. It’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been doing this for years! Plus she’s pretty cool to get to just hang out with and she’s one of the few people I actually like to shop with (one of the highest compliments I could give)!



For the trendy

Black Beaded Tassel EarringsPlaid Weekender Garnet Blanket ScarfMillie Tassel Earring - Fuchsia

I LOVE the Social Manor gals! They are so sweet and also, they put up with my insane random questions via email or me telling them about the time I had a candle of theirs that was my favorite and then I dropped a pound of chili on it, thus ruining it. (There is definitely going to be a blog post on this someday) ALSO! They monogram almost everything and it makes my soul SO FREAKING HAPPY TO HAVE AFF EVERYWHERE! Um plus those earrings? LOVE!

Wichita gift guide vendors:

Sarah Zepick Pottery
Love of Character
Lindeman Carte
The Nectar Republic
Social Manor