Wind+Short Skirt+ Construction workers= My life

                         (See the bow on the belt and then on the shoes? Yeah, I love me some bows)

                                  (My boyfriend seems to constantly catch me at a bad moment)

(Dress: Dillards, Shoes: Gianni Binni, Belt: Gap, Bracelet: J Crew)

So here’s the story, today I was walking to class and it was a lovely freaking scorching day today. I wanted to wear something that was cool so I chose this dress. Suddenly as I walked RIGHT in front of a bunch of construction workers a gigantic gust of wind (OK that may be a slight exaggeration) came up and guess what? My “PINK LOVES KU” undies went flashing before the entire world to see. How is it that wherever a skirt is flying up and exposing a woman’s butt there are construction workers!?! Every time this has ever happened to me (yes, it’s happened more than once) it’s been in front of construction. My freaking life. 

Once again, the colors when I upload through Blogger just kills me. I mean I know that I am basically translucent but come on Blogger! It’s getting a little ridiculous.

Lastly, I need to know how you ladies would style this better! I don’t really care for it and I need some ideas for how to make it stand out better. Please tell me!