With Heart

Somehow we all managed to survive the horribleness that was the January weather and have made it to February. The month of love. The month of pink and red and the month where we start watching romantic movies where men show up with roses at the last minute because they just know how to read minds. (Fun fact: I have discovered that men cannot read minds so you should just banish that whole idea.) February reminds of us love and all that. However, this month that’s not quite what I’m going to focus on. Instead I want to think of ways to help others. What I’m wearing actually does that. How? 

Last semester there was a campus club that came and spoke to one of my classes. They were talking about how college campuses could help rescue people who were forced into sex slavery. The presentation was terribly sad but it got me thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to live the life that I have. One woman, who lived in a small Kansas town, spoke about her ordeal of being sold into sex slavery by her parents. I was shocked. Fast forward to three months later and I meet Debbie. Debbie is one of the kindest women I know and who has the most incredible business. She makes lace boot socks for women and girls and donates the profits to helping fight against sex trafficking. She sent me these gorgeous pairs from her new spring line and they perfectly matched KU colors without her even knowing I went to KU. 

I don’t try and sell products. I try to only show things I believe in and organizations I support. It’s incredible to me to find a woman who not only has found a way to use her talents in making these gorgeous sock tops but also has a heart of gold. I believe that to whom much is given, much is also expected. Yes, it’s a boot sock but I believe it’s more than that. It’s a way of giving back.  It’s with heart that I write this. I don’t write it begging for sales, but I just write it because we are all incredibly lucky and I believe that we can help those who have been wronged in this world. If you want to know more about Debbie and what she is doing you can email her at Debbie debwer{@}gmail {dot}com