You Are What You Do

Not long ago, I was asked, “Are you a doer, thinker or dreamer?” My response was this, “I start out as a dreamer, I turn into a thinker and then a doer. I’ve always had dreams but it hasn’t been until my 20’s that I’ve started thinking about HOW I can turn those dreams into action.” 

"You are what you do, now what you say you do." // The Adored Life
It hasn’t been until I was in my 20’s that I started thinking that I could do more than just dream about something. I could actually do it. My life doesn’t have to be filled with dreams and aspirations, it can be fueled by a plan that turns my dreams into thoughts, my thoughts into actions. I can always have dreams but they don’t have to stay dreams.

 I can say that I am going to be a certain type of person, but if I simply say that I am, that doesn’t make it so. I am what I do. I’m not who I say I am, I am what I do. If I say that I am going to be a powerful, confident, content and happy woman, then I have to do more than say it. I have to do things in order to become that woman I want to be. My actions define who I am, not the words I use to say who I am. 

This month I have been thinking about how I want to DO things this year. Last year I dreamed a lot. The last half of it was utter chaos and I lost track of this.The end of the year I saw this quote and I realized that I was the person who said I was someone, but I wasn’t doing anything to prove that I am that person. This year I really want to hold myself accountable about being a person of action, not a person of words. 

I feel like this is a cliche time of the year to discuss sayings like this, but whatever. It’s happening and I want to read what your thoughts are!